Best Practice Ideas

IDPH Reopening Guidance

In addition to following all directives of the Govenor as outlined in the proclomations, entitities considering reopening must adhere to the following public health guidance.

IDPH Guidelines For Church Gatherings

Effective May 1, 2020, Iowans may once again gather for spiritual or religious purposes, so long as churches, synagogues, or other hosts of a spiritual or religious gathering take reasonable measures to ensure social distancing of employees, volunteers, and other participants, increased hygiene practices, and other public health measures to reduce the risk of further spread of COVID-19.

Church Communications Strategy Training Course

Join Peter Frank, Senior Manager of Marketing Technology at Concordia Technology Solutions, as he leads you through the free seven-week online Church Communications Strategy Training Course covering the following topics:
  • Session 1—Ministry Goals: Defining Your Purpose
  • Session 2—Persona Profiles: Understanding Your Audience
  • Session 3—Journey Maps: Planning Your Ideal Path
    Session 4—Content Maps: Aligning Your Messages
  • Session 5—Social Media: Establishing Your Outposts
  • Session 6—Church Websites: Creating Your Home Base
  • Session 7—Campaigns: Scheduling Your Communications
For more details and to register visit Concorida Technology's Webiste.


This presentation is for guidance only with the goal to educate and provide high level view of certain areas of the CARES Act. These are not attorney or CPA opinions.

IDW Covid-19 Response Team

Who to contact for congregational support, CARES Act & Concordia Plans, Servants of the Cross- Support for the displaced Church Workers (Rostered & Lay), Schools & Pre-Schools.

LCMS Cov-19 Pandemic Resources

LCMS shares updates about the CARES Act, along with resources for congregations & schools, families & individuals, ministry partners, video devotions, news articles, etc.

Check out the LCMS Resources

Concordia Plans Services w/ Covid-19

CPS shares legislative updates, leadership updates, and information for members & ministries during this unprecedented times. 

View Their Resources

Live Streaming Best Practices

Congregations have asked about some of the best practices for live streaming and following licensing guidelines. They have also asked How To Live Stream on Youtube & Facebook.

State of Iowa News

Gov. Reynolds issued a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency activating the public health response and recovery aspects of the State Disaster Emergency Plan effective at noon on March 17th. Here are the key points of the proclomation. 

CDC Coronavirus

As we deal with this fast changing pandemic, it is my goal to keep you updated with the latest facts from the CDC.