Family & Youth

Sunday School Ideas

Ideas From Redeemer Lutheran Sioux City 
-Children's Message From Afar
-S.S. teacher creates a 10 min video & attaches a Dig In @ Home Sheet
-Middle School & Middle Zoom Lessons at normal time
-Young Adult devotional sheet sent out in email
-Adult Bible Study recorded by the Pastors
-Parent On-line Prayer & Conversation via Zoom

Leader Specific Resources

Here are some resources that you may help you figure out what ministry looks like for your congregation right now. Everything from how to play games while you gather in Zoom to how to stay connected and feel supported.

View the Leader Specific Resources.


Tools For Families

Families are facing newfound anxiety, uncertainties, and changes in their homes. Here are some faith based tools that may be useful for families in your congregation.

View Tools For Families.


Looking for devotional resources or ideas to share with students and their families? Here are some that we recommend:

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