The Partnership Project

Thinking about, planning, or implementing a congregational partnership? On this page, you’ll find a variety of resources, including Bible studies, checklists, models, assessment tools, and sample documents, designed to help you work through the process. If you have ideas for future additions, please let us know!

A good place to start: “The Partnership Planning Process”

The Core Library

Ministry Agreement

The ministry agreement and collaboration in which we have entered currently includes three congregations with the opportunity to expand as need arises. … With the support of one another, the three congregations’ decision making has become more Gospel-centered. With the combination of shared resources, shared pastors, and a common goal of proclaiming the Gospel, the churches are focusing strategically on how to proclaim Christ to others.They are also being strengthened by the Gospel through Word and Sacrament in their particular locations. Due to the distance between congregations in southwest Kansas, these locations are important for the proclamation of the Gospel.  

Rev. Michael Hageman, Senior Pastor
T.I.G. Ministry (Trinity, Garden City; Immanuel, Lakin; Grace, Ulysses)

About the Partnership Project

The Partnership Project was initiated in 2019 in the Kansas District with the help of a multi-district Partnership Advisory Group (including Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa). The resources on this page were created with insights and contributions from the advisory group as well as “partnership pastors,” several district presidents, and the LCMS Council of Presidents. The materials have been developed with an interest in serving not only Kansas congregations but all LCMS congregations interested in exploring partnerships. If you serve another district and you’d like to modify the materials for your own specific context, contact Communication Specialist Kris Bruss at

Rev. Dr. Steve Turner

Rev. Dr. Steve Turner
District President
Phone: (515) 576-7666

Rev. Dr. Steve Turner served as Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Algona, Iowa from 1991 until 2015 when he was elected President of Iowa District West.  He has also served as 1st and 2nd Vice President of Iowa District West (2012-2015). He is a 1985 graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana and a 2010 graduate (doctorate) of Concordia, St. Louis.  President Turner and his wife, Darlene have two sons and two daughters.